Prince Ferdinando, Duke of Genoa (1822–1855)

Prince Ferdinand
Duke of Genoa
Duke of Genoa
Predecessor None
Successor Prince Thomas
Born (1822-11-15)15 November 1822
Florence, Grand Duchy of Tuscany
Died 10 February 1855(1855-02-10) (aged 32)
Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia
Spouse Princess Elisabeth of Saxony
Issue Margherita, Queen of Italy
Prince Thomas, 2nd Duke of Genoa
Full name
Ferdinando Maria Alberto Amedeo Filiberto Vincenzo di Savoia
House House of Savoy-Genoa
Father Charles Albert of Sardinia
Mother Maria Theresa of Tuscany
Portrait of Ferdinand of Savoy, by Valbrun Alexis Leon Louis, Paris, 1833. Private collection
Statute of Ferdinand of Savoy, by Alfonso Balzico, Turin, 19th century.

Prince Ferdinand of Savoy, 1st Duke of Genoa (Ferdinando Maria Alberto Amedeo Filiberto Vincenzo; 15 November 1822 10 February 1855) was the founder of the Genoa branch of the House of Savoy.


Prince Ferdinand was born in Florence the second son of Charles Albert, Prince of Carignan and Maria Teresa of Tuscany. His father was the head of the House of Savoy-Carignan a cadet branch of the House of Savoy. The senior line of the house became extinct in 1831 and his father succeeded as King of Sardinia. With the ascension of his father he was created Duke of Genoa.

During the wars taking place on the Italian Peninsula in 1848 and 1849, Prince Ferdinand commanded an army division. After peace was restored in Italy he was appointed general commandment of the artillery and set about making improvements.[1]

As a result of the Sicilian revolution of independence he was a candidate for the throne. He was the most acceptable candidate to Britain and the British Minister in Turin informed him they would recognise him as king as soon as he took possession of the throne. On 11 July 1848 the national assembly of Sicily unanimously voted to offer him the throne. When the Sicilian deputation arrived to offer him the throne, he was absent from Royal headquarters as he was commanding a division in the army. After Sardinia's defeat to the forces of the Austrian Empire commanded by Joseph Radetzky von Radetz he felt compelled to decline the opportunity to become King of Sicily.[2]

During the Crimean war he was to be appointed to command the Kingdom of Sardinia's auxiliary corps but his declining health meant he could not take up the posting.[1]

His health did not recover and he died in Turin at the age thirty two. He is buried in the Royal Cript of the Basilica of Superga. His one-year-old son Thomas succeeded to the title Duke of Genoa.

Marriage and children

Prince Ferdinand married Princess Elisabeth of Saxony, daughter of King John of Saxony and Princess Amalie Auguste of Bavaria, on 22 April 1850 in Dresden. They had two children:



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New title Duke of Genoa
Succeeded by
Thomas, Duke of Genoa
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