Henri I, Duke of Nemours

Henri I, Duke of Nemours
Spouse(s) Anne de Lorraine


Noble family House of Savoy
Father Jacques of Savoy
Mother Anna d'Este
Born (1572-11-02)2 November 1572
Died 10 July 1632(1632-07-10) (aged 59)
Coats of Arms of the Dukes of Savoy after Emmanuel Philibert

Henri of Savoy (French: Henri de Savoie) (2 November 1572  10 July 1632), called originally Marquis de Saint-Sorlin, was the son of Jacques of Savoy and Anna d'Este, the widow of François de Lorraine, Duke of Guise. He succeeded his brother Charles Emmanuel as Duke of Nemours.

In 1588 he took the marquisate of Saluzzo from the French for his cousin, the Duke of Savoy. The princes of Guise, his half-brothers, induced him to join the League, and in 1591 he was made governor of Dauphiné in the name of that faction. He made his submission to Henry IV in 1596. After quarrelling with the duke of Savoy he withdrew to Burgundy and joined the Spaniards in their war against Savoy. After peace had been proclaimed on November 14, 1616, he retired to the French court.[1]

After his death, he was succeeded by his eldest son, Louis; on the death of Louis in 1641 by his second son Charles Amadeus;[1] and on Charles's death in 1651 by his third son Henri. All three were the sons of his wife Anne de Lorraine (1600–1638), daughter of Charles de Lorraine, Duke of Aumale.


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French nobility
Preceded by
Charles Emmanuel
Duke of Nemours
Succeeded by
Louis of Savoy

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