Prince Ferdinando, Duke of Genoa (1884–1963)

Prince Ferdinando
Duke of Genoa
Prince of Udine
Born (1884-04-21)21 April 1884
Died 24 June 1963(1963-06-24) (aged 79)
Spouse Countess Maria Luigia Alliaga Gandolfi
Full name
Italian: Ferdinando Umberto Filippo Adalberto
House House of Savoy-Genoa
Father Thomas, 2nd Duke of Genoa
Mother Princess Isabella of Bavaria
Prince Ferdinando in 1917 with the mayor of New York, John Purroy Mitchel.

Prince Ferdinando of Savoy, 3rd Duke of Genoa (Ferdinando Umberto Filippo Adalberto; 21 April 1884 24 June 1963) was the third Duke of Genoa and a member of the House of Savoy. He served in the Royal Italian Navy.

Early life

Prince Ferdinando was born in Turin the eldest son of Prince Thomas of Savoy-Genoa, Duke of Genoa and his wife Princess Isabella of Bavaria (1863–1924). On 22 September 1904 he was given the title Prince of Udine.

Ferdinado pursued a career in the Italian Royal Navy. Holding the rank of Captain he served in World War I commanding a Torpedo Boat Destroyer and was decorated with a medal of honour for personal bravery.[1][2]

In May 1917 with War raging in Europe, Prince Ferdinando was appointed to lead an Italian War Commission to the United States of America. The commission which included Guglielmo Marconi and leading Italian political and commercial figures, visited America with the task of discussing financial and trade agreements and increasing co-operation between the two nations to help the Italian war effort.[2]

Post war

In November 1930 he represented his cousin King Victor Emmanuel III at the coronation Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia.[3] Prince Ferdinando succeeded to the title Duke of Genoa on 15 April 1931 following the death of his father.

Later on in his Naval career Prince Ferdinando would achieve the rank of admiral, and become commander of the upper Adriatic sea.[4] He married at Turin on 28 February 1938 Countess Maria Luigia (1899–1986) an Italian noblewoman. They had no children.

The reign of the House of Savoy in Italy came to end on 12 June 1946 after a referendum was held and the Italian people voted to abolish the monarchy.

With his death in Bordighera his brother Prince Filiberto succeeded to the title Duke of Genoa.

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Prince Ferdinando, Duke of Genoa (1884–1963)
Born: 21 April 1884 Died: 24 June 1963
Italian nobility
Preceded by
Duke of Genoa
15 April 1931 24 June 1963
Succeeded by
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