Ná-Meo language

Na Meo
Native to Vietnam
Region Lang Son Province, Tuyen Quang Province
Ethnicity Mieu people
Native speakers
1,200 (2002)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 neo
Glottolog name1237[2]

Ná-Meo (Vietnamese: Na Miểu; autonym: na˥˧mjau˧˥ɬa˥˧[3]) is a language of northern Vietnam, spoken by the Mieu people. Nguyen (2007) believes Na Meo may be a Hmongic language closest to Qiandong Miao.


According to Andrew Hsiu (2015), Na Meo is most closely related to the Guncen 滚岑 and Zhenmin 振民 dialects of Southern Qiandong Miao (ISO 639-3 hms), which are spoken in Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, northern Guangxi Province, China. This is evidenced by the sound change Proto-Hmong–Mien *-ɛŋ > Proto-Na Meo-Guncen-Zhenmin *-a.


The following locations are reported in Ethnologue.

Nguyen (2007:31) reports the following additional locations.


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