Mala Gora, Kočevje

Mala Gora
Mala Gora

Location in Slovenia

Coordinates: 45°41′22.82″N 14°52′8.95″E / 45.6896722°N 14.8691528°E / 45.6896722; 14.8691528Coordinates: 45°41′22.82″N 14°52′8.95″E / 45.6896722°N 14.8691528°E / 45.6896722; 14.8691528
Country Slovenia
Traditional region Lower Carniola
Statistical region Southeast Slovenia
Municipality Kočevje
  Total 11.36 km2 (4.39 sq mi)
Elevation 487.6 m (1,599.7 ft)
Population (2002)
  Total 10

Mala Gora (pronounced [ˈmaːla ˈɡɔːɾa]; German: Malgern[2][3]) is a settlement in the hills north of the town of Kočevje in southern Slovenia. It was a village settled by Gottschee Germans. During the Second World War its original population was expelled. The area is part of the traditional region of Lower Carniola and is now included in the Southeast Slovenia Statistical Region.[4]


During the 1809 Gottscheer Rebellion, a French captain named Chambelli was murdered in the village of Mala Gora while transporting tax revenues from Novo Mesto to Kočevje. In revenge, the French forces burned Kočevske Poljane and Kostel, looted the town of Kočevje between 16 and 18 October, and executed five men in Kočevje on 18 October.[5][6]


The local church, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, was built before 1581 and had a painted wooden roof in its nave dating to 1623. It survived the Second World War, but was demolished in 1956.[7]


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