List of fascist movements by country A–F

A list of political parties, organizations, and movements adhering to various forms of fascist ideology, part of the list of fascist movements by country.

List of movements, sorted by country

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Name of movement Country of predominant operation Came to power? Founded post-World War II? Active? General influence Notes
Albanian Fascist Party Albania Yes No (1939) No Italian Fascism Became Guard of Great Albania in 1943
Guard of Great Albania Albania Yes No (1943) No Italian Fascism Evolved from Albanian Fascist Party
Albanian Nazi Party Albania Yes No (1943) No Nazism Replaced Guard of Great Albania
Argentine Fascist Party Argentina No No (1932) No Italian Fascism Successor of the National Fascist Party
Argentine Patriotic League Argentina No No No Clerical fascism
National Socialist Movement Argentina No Yes ? Nazism
National Fascist Party Argentina No No (1923) No Italian Fascism
National Fascist Union Argentina No No (1936)
Italian Fascism Successor of the Argentine Fascist Party
Nationalist Liberation Alliance Argentina No No (1931) No Italian Fascism Supported by Argentine President General José Félix Uriburu. Originally named Argentine Civic Legion from 1931 to 1937, then the Alliance of Nationalist Youth from 1937 to 1943.
New Triumph Party Argentina No Yes
Nazism official site
Republican League Argentina No No (1929)
Italian Fascism
Tacuara Nationalist Movement Argentina No Yes (1957) No Falangism
Australian National Socialist Party Australia No Yes (1962)
Nazism Merged into National Socialist Party of Australia (1968).
Centre Party Australia No No (1933) No Italian Fascism, Corporatism Evolved from the New Guard (1931).
National Action Australia No Yes No Nazism
National Socialist Party of Australia Australia No Yes (1968) No Nazism Broke off from Australian National Socialist Party (1962).
Patriotic Youth League Australia No Yes Yes Nazism
Austrian National Socialism Austria Yes No (1902) No Nazism
Patriotic Front (Austria) Austria Yes No (1933) No Austro-fascism
National Bolshevik Party-Belarus Belarus No Yes Yes National Bolshevism
Jeune Europe Belgium No Yes No Independent
Mouvement d'Action Civique Belgium No Yes No Independent, nationalist
Parti Communautaire Européen Belgium No Yes (1965) No National Bolshevism Said to be part of Operation Gladio
Parti Communautaire National-Européen Belgium No Yes (1984) Yes National Bolshevism Sometimes active in France
Rexism Belgium No No (1930) No Rexism
Vlaamse Militanten Orde Belgium No Yes (1949) No Nationalism, neo-nazi Flemish nationalist terror group
Verdinaso Belgium No No (1931) No Independent Merged with VNV, 1941
Flemish National Union Belgium No No (1933) No Independent Absorbed Verdinaso, 1941
De Vlag Belgium No No (1930s?) No Cultural org. Pan German
Falange Neounzaguista Bolivia No Yes Yes Falangism Successor of Falange Socialista Boliviana, official site
Falange Socialista Boliviana Bolivia No No Yes Falangism
National Bolshevik Front Bolivia No Yes ? National Bolshevism
Brazilian Integralism Brazil No No (1932) Yes Integralism Site of Frente Integralista Brasileira (FIB), official site (in Portuguese)
Party of Popular Representation Brazil No Yes (September 26, 1945) No Integralism The founder of the party Plínio Salgado was also founder of the Brazilian Integralist Action.
Brigada Jovem Lusitana Brazil No Yes (2006) Yes Integralism and Fascism It's a group of soccer supporters of the Portuguese community in São Paulo]
Frente de Resistência Sulista Brazil No Yes (2005) Yes Nazism and Separatism A group of European immigrants in Rio Grande do Sul]
São Paulo Skinheads Brazil No Yes
Nazism separatist movement in São Paulo state
Bulgarian National Alliance Bulgaria No Yes Yes Nazism
Bulgarian National Socialist Workers Party Bulgaria No No (1932) No Nazism
National Social Movement Bulgaria No No (1932) No Nazism Founded by Aleksandar Tsankov
Union of Bulgarian National Legions Bulgaria No No (1933) No Independent see
Zveno Bulgaria Yes No (1930) No Independent
Ratniks Bulgaria No (1936) No Nazism
Canadian Association for Free Expression Canada No Yes yes White nationalism signatory of the New Orleans Protocol
Canadian Union of Fascists Canada No No No Oswald Mosley fascism Affiliated with the British Union of Fascists
Heritage Front Canada No Yes (1989) No Neo-nazi
Nationalist Party of Canada Canada No Yes (1977) Yes Independent - has basic Nazi/fascist leanings Successor of the Western Guard Party
Parti national social chrétien Canada No No (1934) No Nazism
Union Nationale (Quebec) Canada No No (1935/36) No Grande Noirceur, Clerical fascism[1] The party was dissolved in 1989 but was only Fascist in 1936-1939 and 1944-1959.
Unity Party of Canada Canada No Yes (2000) No Post-fascist
Western Guard Party Canada No Yes (1972) No Independent
Aryan Guard Canada No Yes Yes Independent, mostly Neo-Nazism Calgary-based club, with an Edmonton branch. Maintains contacts with pro-Mazi/pro-fascist organisations.
National-Socialist Party of Canada Canada No Yes Yes Nazism Leader Terry Tremaine is currently in jail, under no-bail conditions.
Fatherland and Liberty Chile No Yes Yes Independent Involved in the Tanquetazo
Movimiento Nacional Socialista de Chile Chile No No (1932) No Nazism Became Vanguardia Popular Socialista in 1939; more Chilean Nazi groups at (in Spanish)
Movimiento Revolucionario Nacional Sindicalista de Chile Chile No

Falangism official site
Popular Socialist Vanguard Chile No No (1938) No Fascism Disbanded in 1942
Falange Nacional Patriótica de Colombia Colombia No
Yes Falangism
Nova Hrvatska Desnica Croatia No Yes (1994) Yes National-Revolutionary Official registration refused
Ustaše Croatia Yes No (1929) No Nazism / Italian Fascism
La Falange Cubana Cuba No

Falangism official site
National Fascist Community (NOF) Czechoslovakia No No (1925) No Fascism Founded and led by Radola Gajda.
Party of National Unity (SNJ) Czechoslovakia No No (1938) No Far-right nationalism Led by Rudolf Beran. Banned 1939. Succeeded by the National Partnership (NS).
Vlajka Czechoslovakia No No (1928) No Fascism Collaborationist movement. Banned 1942
Sudeten German Party (SdP) Czechoslovakia No No (1918) No Nazism Party of the German minority. Led by Konrad Henlein. After the annexation of Czechoslovakia in 1938, SdP was merged into the NSDAP.
National Socialist Workers' Party of Denmark (DNSAP) Denmark No No ? Nazism Banned 1945. Succeeded by the National Socialist Movement of Denmark.
National Socialist Movement of Denmark (DNSB) Denmark No Yes Yes Nazism Successor to the National Socialist Workers' Party of Denmark.
Young Egypt Party (1933) Egypt No No No Islamic fascism
Vaps Movement Estonia No No (1929) No Independent Before almost winning power, Konstantin Päts declared a state of emergency and disbanded and banned the party in 1935, imprisoning the movement's leaders. This led to the period known as the Era of Silence.
Lapua Movement Finland No No (1929) No Independent Banned 1932. Became IKL.
Patriotic People's Movement (IKL) Finland No No (1932) No Independent Successor to Lapua Movement. Banned 1944.
Groupe Charles Martel France No Yes (1973) No Racist
La Cagoule France No No (1935) Yes Integralist
Faisceau France No No (1925) No Independent Disbanded 1928
Mouvement Franciste France (see History of the French far right) No No No Fascism
Mouvement Ouvrier Social-National Breton France No No (1941) No Fascism, Breton separatist ("Breton Social-National Workers' Movement"), national-bolsheviks splintering from SBB in 1941
Parti Nationaliste Français et Européen France No Yes (1987) No Neo-nazi Skinhead group
Parti Populaire Français France No No (1936) No Independent Founded by Jacques Doriot
Phalange Française France No Yes (1955) No Falangism Founded by Charles Luca, relative of French fascist Marcel Deat.
Troisième voie France No Yes (1985) No Third Position

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