Bulgarian National Socialist Workers Party

Bulgarian National Socialist Workers Party
Leader Hristo Kunchev
Founded 1932 (1932)
Dissolved 1944 (1944) (banned)
Headquarters Formerly Sofia, Bulgaria
Newspaper Attack!
Ideology National Socialism
Bulgarian nationalism
Political position Far-right
Religion Bulgarian Orthodox Church
Colors Black
Party flag

The Bulgarian National Socialist Workers Party (Bulgarian language: Българска Национал-Социалистическа Работническа Партия) was a Nazi party based in the Kingdom of Bulgaria.

It was one of a number of anti-Semitic groups to emerge in Bulgaria after the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany, with other notable groups including the Union of Bulgarian National Legions and Ratnik.[1] The party was established by Doctor Hristo Kunchev or Kuntscheff in 1932, who had studied medicine in Berlin.[2] The party sought to copy the Nazi Party by adopting the National Socialist Program, the swastika and other symbols of the German party.[2] Unlike some of its competitors on the far right like the Union of Bulgarian National Legions and the Ratniks, it was not a very influential group and had a relatively small membership.[3] The party published a newspaper called "Attack!", similar to "Der Angriff" of Joseph Goebbels. After the Bulgarian Communist Party established the People's Republic of Bulgaria the party was banned.


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