List of Canberra suburbs

This is a list of suburbs in the city of Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

Suburbs are listed according to the districts in which they are located. Town centres, Group Centres, or suburbs containing group centres, appear in bold. (Some group centres or town centres have names differing from those of the suburbs in which they are located, in which case there may be a separate article listed beside the suburbs.) The date of gazettal of the suburb is appended to its entry.

For a description of Canberra's suburbs and urban hierarchy, including districts, town centres and suburbs, see Suburbs of Canberra


Kippax Fair, a suburban shopping centre located in the suburb of Holt
Jamison Plaza, located in the suburb of Macquarie, before its refurbishment

Canberra Central


^ denotes suburbs which have been planned, but not yet been opened or settled



Molonglo Valley

Planned suburbs as of 18 June 2012[1][2]

^ denotes suburbs which have been planned, but not yet been opened or settled


Weston Creek

Woden Valley

Former suburbs

In 1927 the provisional suburbs of Canberra were renamed to honour the leaders of Federation, and to retain the earlier names in the district; with the exception of Mugga (the proposed renaming of Red Hill) the new names were gazetted in 1928.[3]



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