Inukami District, Shiga

Map of Inukami District in Shiga Prefecture

Inukami (犬上郡 Inukami-gun) is a district located in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

As of 2003, the district has an estimated population of 23,638 and a density of 150.21 persons per km². The total area is 157.37 km².

Towns and villages


Map of Inukami District with Meiji period (1890) area in yellow, modern area in green.

Light blue autonomies are Inukami District's town, deep blue autonomies are Inukami District's village, and gray autonomies are others.

April 1, 1889 1889 - 1926 1927 - 1944 1945–1954 1955–1989 1990 - Now
Hikone (彦根) Hikone February 11, 1937
Hikone City
Hikone Hikone Hikone Hikone
Kita-aoyagi (北青柳) Kita-aoyagi
May 6, 1891
Matsubara (松原)
Aonami (青波) Aonami
Fukumitsu (福満) Fukumitsu
Chimoto (千本) Chimoto
Isoda (磯田) Isoda June 10, 1942
incorporation into Hikone
Minami-aoyagi (南青柳) Minami-aoyagi
Hinatsu (日夏) Hinatsu Hinatsu April 1, 1950
incorporation into Hikone
Kawase (川瀬) August 16, 1890
Kawase (河瀬)
Kawase Kawase September 30, 1956
incorporation into Hikone
Yasumizu (安水) June 25, 1892
Kameyama (亀山)
Kameyama Kameyama
Takamiya (高宮) September 10, 1912
Takamiya Takamiya April 3, 1957
incorporation into Hikone
Taga (多賀) Taga November 3, 1941
Taga April 1, 1955
Taga Taga
Kyūtoku (久徳) Kyūtoku
Seritani (芹谷) Seritani
Ōtaki (大滝) Ōtaki Ōtaki Ōtaki
Wakigahata (脇ヶ畑) Wakigahata Wakigahata Wakigahata
Higashi-kōra (東甲良) Higashi-kōra Higashi-kōra Higashi-kōra April 1, 1955
Kōra (甲良)
Kōra Kōra
Nishi-kōra (西甲良) Nishi-kōra Nishi-kōra Nishi-kōra
Toyosato (豊郷) Toyosato Toyosato Toyosato September 30, 1956
February 11, 1971
Toyosato Toyosato
Echi D
Hie (日枝) Village
Echi D, Hie Echi D, Hie Echi D, Hie V

Coordinates: 35°12′14″N 136°20′02″E / 35.204°N 136.334°E / 35.204; 136.334

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