Yasu District, Shiga

Map of Yasu District with Meiji period (1890) area in yellow.

Yasu (野洲郡 Yasu-gun) was a district located in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

On October 1, 2004, the former town of Yasu absorbed the town of Chūzu, effectively turning Yasu District into Yasu City. Therefore, Yasu District was dissolved as a result of this merger.

As of 2003, the district had an estimated population of 49,155 and a density of 799.92 persons per km². The total area was 61.45 km².

Former Towns and villages


Light blue autonomies are Yasu District's town, deep blue autonomies are Yasu District's village, and gray autonomies are others.

April 1, 1889 1889 - 1926 1927 - 1954 1955 - 1989 1990 - Now
Moriyama (守山) February 1, 1904
July 10, 1941
January 15, 1955
July 1, 1970
Moriyama City
Moriyama Moriyama
Kurita D
Mononobe (物部) Village
Kurita D
Ozu (小津) Ozu Ozu
Tamatsu (玉津) Tamatsu Tamatsu
Kawanishi (河西) Kawanishi Kawanishi
Hayano (速野) Hayano Hayano
Nakasu (中洲) Nakasu Nakasu March 1, 1957
incorpotation into Moriyama
March 1, 1957
incorpotation into Chūzu
Chūzu October 1, 2004
Yasu City
Hyōzu (兵主) Hyōzu Hyōzu April 1, 1955
Nakasato (中里) Nakasato Nakasato
Yasu (野洲) October 17, 1911
May 20, 1942
April 1, 1955
Mikami (三上) Mikami
Giō (義王) August 22, 1894
Giō (祇王)
Shinohara (篠原) Shinohara Shinohara
Kitasato (北里) Kitasato Kitasato March 3, 1955
incorpotation into Ōmihachiman (近江八幡) City
Ōmihachiman Ōmihachiman

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