Gamō District, Shiga

Map of Gamo District in Shiga Prefecture

Gamō (蒲生郡 Gamō-gun) is a district located in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

As of September 1, 2011, the district has an estimated population of 35,629 and a density of 220 persons per km². The total area is 162.15 km².




Map of Gamo District with Meiji period (1890) area in yellow, modern area in green.

Light blue autonomies are Gamō District's towns, deep blue autonomies are Gamō District's villages, and gray autonomies are others.

April 1, 1889 1889 - 1926 1927 - 1944 1945–1954 1955–1989 1990 - Now
Hachiman (八幡) Hachiman Hachiman Hachiman March 31, 1954
Ōmihachiman (近江八幡) City
Ōmihachiman Ōmihachiman Ōmihachiman Ōmihachiman
Utsuro (宇津呂) Utsuro March 3, 1933
incorporation into Hachiman
Shima (島) Shima Shima April 1, 1951
incorporation into Hachiman
Okayama (岡山) Okayama Okayama Okayama
Kaneda (金田) Kaneda Kaneda Kaneda
Kirihara (桐原) Kirihara Kirihara Kirihara
Mabuchi (馬淵) Mabuchi Mabuchi Mabuchi
Musa (武佐) Musa Musa Musa February 1, 1958
incorporation into Ōmihachiman
Azuchi (安土) Azuchi Azuchi April 1, 1954
Azuchi March 21, 2010
incorporation into Ōmihachiman
Oiso (老蘇) Oiso Oiso
Kagamiyama (鏡山) Kagamiyama Kagamiyama Kagamiyama April 29, 1955
Ryūō (竜王)
Ryūō Ryūō
Na (苗) Na Na Na
Nakano (中野) Nakano Nakano March 21, 1954
part of Kanzaki D, Yōkaichi (八日市) Town
August 15, 1954
Yōkaichi City
Yōkaichi February 11, 2005
Higashiōmi (東近江) City
Ichinobe (市辺) Ichinobe Ichinobe Ichinobe
Tamao (玉緒) Tamao Tamao Tamao
Hirata (平田) Hirata Hirata Hirata
Ichihara (市原) Ichihara Ichihara Ichihara April 1, 1955
part of Kanzaki D, Eigenji (永源寺) Town
Sakuragawa (桜川) Sakuragawa Sakuragawa Sakuragawa April 1, 1955
Gamō (蒲生)
January 1, 2006
incorporation into Higashiōmi
Asahino (朝日野) Asahino Asahino Asahino
Hino (日野) Hino Hino Hino March 16, 1955
Hino Hino
Kita-hissa (北比都佐) Kita-hissa Kita-hissa Kita-hissa
Minami-hissa (南比都佐) Minami-hissa Minami-hissa Minami-hissa
Kaigake (鎌掛) Kaigake Kaigake Kaigake
Nishiōji (西大路) Nishiōji Nishiōji Nishiōji
Sakuradani (桜谷) May 12, 1894
Higashi-sakuradani (東桜谷)
Higashi-sakuradani Higashi-sakuradani
May 12, 1894
Nishi-sakuradani (西桜谷)
Nishi-sakuradani Nishi-sakuradani

Coordinates: 35°01′37″N 136°13′12″E / 35.027036°N 136.220007°E / 35.027036; 136.220007

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