Shiga District, Shiga

Map of Shiga District with Meiji period (1890) area in yellow.

Shiga (滋賀郡 Shiga-gun) was a district located in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

As of 2003, the district has an estimated population of 21,964 and a density of 306.20 persons per km². The total area is 71.73 km².

On March 20, 2006, the town of Shiga was merged into the expanded city of Ōtsu. Shiga District was dissolved as a result of this merger. Historically, most of Ōtsu is now co-teminous with this district.


Light blue autonomies are Shiga District's town, deep blue autonomies are Shiga District's village, and gray autonomies are others.

April 1, 1889 1889 - 1929 1930 - 1944 1945 - 1954 1955 - 1989 1990 - Now
Ōtsu (大津) October 1, 1898
Ōtsu City
Ōtsu April 1, 1933
Ōtsu Ōtsu Ōtsu Ōtsu
Shiga (滋賀) Shiga May 10, 1932
incorporation into Ōtsu
Zeze (膳所) July 20, 1901
Ishiyama (石山) Ishiyama January 1, 1930
Sakamoto (坂本) Sakamoto Sakamoto April 1, 1951
incorporation into Ōtsu
Shimosakamoto (下阪本) Shimosakamoto Shimosakamoto
Ogoto (雄琴) Ogoto Ogoto
Katata (堅田) July 20, 1901
Katata Katata April 1, 1955
April 1, 1967
incorporation into Ōtsu
Ōgi (仰木) Ōgi Ōgi Ōgi
Mano (真野) Mano Mano Mano
Ikadachi (伊香立) Ikadachi Ikadachi Ikadachi
Katsuragawa (葛川) Katsuragawa Katsuragawa Katsuragawa
Wani (和邇) Wani Wani Wani October 1, 1955
Shiga (志賀)
March 20, 2006
incorporation into Ōtsu
Kido (木戸) Kido Kido Kido
Komatsu (小松) Komatsu Komatsu Komatsu

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