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Duke of Otranto (French: Duc d'Otrante) is a hereditary title in the Nobility of the First French Empire which was bestowed in 1808 by Napoleon I upon the statesman and Minister of Police Joseph Fouché (1759-1820), who had been made a Count of the French Empire before.

The dukedom was named after the town of Otranto on the east coast of the Salento peninsula in Italy and created - under the French name "Otrante" - as a duché grand-fief (a rare, hereditary, but nominal honor) in the satellite Kingdom of Naples.

The ducal house of Fouché d'Otrante is extant in the Kingdom of Sweden where the dukes have lived since the 19th century, and are considered part of the unintroduced nobility.

As of 2011, the titles are held by Charles-Louis Armand Fouché d'Otrante, 8th Duc d'Otrante (born in Stockholm, 14 March 1986).

Ancestors and descendants

Joseph Fouché, 1st Duc d'Otrante (21 May 1759 Le Pellerin, near Nantes, France - 25 December 1820 Trieste, then Austrian Empire, now Italy) was a son of Julien Joseph Fouché (1719–1771) and wife Marie Françoise Croizet (1720–1793), paternal grandson of Julien Fouché (1667–1745, son of Ambroise Fouché and wife Jeanne Passedouet born in 1629) and wife Marguerite Chiron (1683–1723, daughter of Toussaint Chiron and wife Marguerite Leray, paternal granddaughter of Pierre Chiron and wife Marguerite Hillaire and maternal granddaughter of Samson Leray and wife Marguerite Caillaud) and maternal grandson of Jean Croizet (c. 1690 -, son of Guillaume Croizet born in 1649 and died in 1719 and wife Nicole Bebar) and wife Marie Chesneau.

By his marriage to Bonne Jeanne Coiquaud (1763–1812), daughter of Nicolas François Coiquaud (1732–1794) and wife Marguerite Gautier (1734–1801), paternal granddaughter of Noël Coiquaud (1689–1764, son of Charles Coiquaud and wife Catherine Recoquille born in 1655 - 1733) and wife Catherine Lahogue (1690–1758, daughter of Charles Lahogue and wife Catherine Lefevre, born in 1646 and died in 1733) and maternal granddaughter of Pierre Gautier (c. 1690 - 1737, son of Jean Gautier and wife Claire Agaisse) and wife Jacquette Boisgontier (- 1743, daughter of Guillaume Boisgontier and wife Jacquette Jolivette born in 1644 and died in 1749), the 1st Duc d'Otrante had the following issue who reached adulthood:

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