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Lagergren is a Swedish noble family. Claes Eric Philip Frans Joseph Leo Lagergren (1853–1930) converted to Catholicism in 1880 and became a papal chamberlain in 1884, serving under Pope Leo XIII, Pope Pius X, Pope Benedict XV, and Pope Pius XI. He was conferred the hereditary title of Marquis of Lagergren by Pope Leo XIII in 1889. The title is inherited according to extended agnatic primogeniture, meaning that title is held by both the senior male line descendant and the next in line (typically his eldest son) simultaneously. Claes Lagergren married Caroline Alice Maria Beatrice Claudia Russell (1854–1919), on 6 May 1891 in Rome, and had three sons:[1]

Lagergren Coat of the Arms

In 1904, the younger sons Johan and Carl were both conferred the hereditary title of Count of Lagergren by Pope Pius X. The two comital titles are inherited according to normal agnatic primogeniture, meaning that the titles are held by the senior male line descendant of each of them. The titles were legally recognized by Italy 1929–1948, and remain legally recognized by the Holy See. In Sweden, the family is considered part of the unintroduced nobility, being one of very few families to hold a rank above Count and the only Swedish-origined family ever to hold the title of Marquis. For many decades, the Lagergren family and the likewise unintroduced (Napoleonic) D'Otrante ducal family were the only non-royal families in Sweden to hold a rank above Count.

Claes Lagergren was part of the circle around King Oscar II of Sweden, and had good connections to Catholic conservative elite circles in Rome. His wife's inheritance made it possible for him to buy Tyresö Palace in 1892, which he rebuilt inspired by original drawings from the 17th century in a national romantic style. In 1922, three years after the death of his first wife, he married Mary Moore Ogden (1856-1933), who was also a wealthy American heiress and whose funds made it possible for him to rebuild the castle.[2] In accordance with his last will and testament, his widow left the estate to the Nordic Museum.[3]

The ancestors of Claes Lagergreen in the 18th and 19th centuries were parish priests, landowners, and surveyors.[4][5]

Marquis of Lagergren

Counts of Lagergren



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