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Cambodia is a one party dominant state with the Cambodian People's Party in power. Cambodia's legislature is chosen through a national election. The general election is held every five years in the fourth Sunday of July. The Parliament of Cambodia has two chambers. The National Assembly of Cambodia (Khmer: រដ្ឋសភា, Rotsaphea) has 123 members, each elected for a five-year term by proportional representation. The Senate (Khmer: ព្រឹទ្ធសភា, Protsaphea) has 61 members, appointed by the king on recommendation of the parties in the National Assembly.

Since the signing of the 1991 Paris Peace Accords ending decades of civil war and foreign occupation, and with the final elimination in 1998 of armed insurgency groups inside the country, four national elections have taken place in Cambodia in 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2008. The first national elections were administered by United Nations Transitional Authority for Cambodia (UNTAC) in July 1993, the first commune-level election was held in February 2002 and the Cambodian Senate was elected for the first time by the elected commune council officials in January 2006.

Three main political parties have dominated Cambodian politics over the last decade: the Cambodian People's Party (CPP), the United Front for an Independent, Neutral, Peaceful, and Cooperative Cambodia (FUNCINPEC) and, more recently, the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP). Although the CPP dominated the elections held on July 27, 2003, it did not win the two-thirds majority required under the constitution to form a government on its own. A new government was formed on July 15, 2004 after protracted negotiations between the CPP and FUNCINPEC on forming a coalition government.[1] In early 2006, the CPP further consolidated its hold on power by passing an amendment to the constitution through Parliament that will allow for a 50% plus one majority in the National Assembly to form a government (instead of the two-thirds majority), thereby reducing its future reliance on FUNCINPEC or another coalition partner.

Latest elections

 Summary of the 28 July 2013 National Assembly election results
Party Votes % Seats
Cambodian People's Party 3,235,969 48.83%
Cambodia National Rescue Party 2,946,176 44.46%
FUNCINPEC 242,413 3.66%
League for Democracy Party 68,389 1.03%
Khmer Anti-Poverty Party 43,222 0.65%
Cambodian Nationality Party 38,123 0.58%
Khmer Economic Development Party 33,715 0.51%
Democratic Republican Party 19,152 0.29%
Total (turnout 68.5%) 6,627,159 123
Source: National Election Committee
 Summary of the 29 January 2012 Senate election results
Party Votes % Seats
Cambodian People's Party 8,880 77.81%
Sam Rainsy Party 2,503 22.19%
Total (turnout) 11,383 57
Source: MYsinchew.com, RFA

Sources: List of Senators
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Past elections

2008 General Election

 Summary of the 27 July 2008 National Assembly election results
Party Votes % Seats
Cambodian People's Party 3,492,374 58.1%
Sam Rainsy Party 1,316,714 21.9%
Human Rights Party 397,816 6.62%
Norodom Ranariddh Party 337,943 5.62%
FUNCINPEC 303,764 5.05%
League for Democracy 68,909 1.15%
Khmer Democratic Party 32,386 0.54%
Democratic Movement Party 25,065 0.42%
Society of Justice Party 14,112 0.23%
Khmer Republican Party 11,693 0.19%
Khmer Anti-Poverty Party 9,501 0.16%
Total (turnout 74.0%) 6,010,277 123
Source: www.necelect.org.kh

2003 General Election

 Summary of the 27 July 2003 National Assembly election results
Party Votes % Seats
Cambodian People's Party 2,447,259 47.3%
Sam Rainsy Party 1,130,423 21.9%
FUNCINPEC 1,072,313 20.8%
Khmer Democratic Party 95,927 1.9%
The Rice Party 76,086 1.5%
Indra Buddra Party 62,338 1.2%
Proloung Khmer Party 56,010 1.1%
Total (turnout 81.5%) 5,168,837 123

1998 General Election

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Cambodian People's Party 2,030,79041.464Increase13
Sam Rainsy Party699,65514.315Increase15
Democratic Party90,0001.800-
Cambodian National Sustaining Party71,0931.40 0-
Liberal Democratic Party46,4240.9 0-
Buddhist Liberal Democratic Party45,8490.9 0Decrease10
Other parties364,2647.50 0Decrease1
Total5,057,679 122+2
Registered voters/turnout93.7%
Source: National Election Committee

1993 General Election

Party Votes % Seats +/–
FUNCINPEC 1,824,18845.558Increase58
Cambodian People's Party1,533,47138.251Increase51
Buddhist Liberal Democratic Party152,7643.8010Increase10
MOULINAKA55,1071.40 1Increase1
Other parties446,10111.1 00
Total4,267,192 1200
Registered voters/turnout89.6%
Source: National Election Committee

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