Tea Banh

This is a Cambodian name; the family name is Tea.
His Excellency
Tea Banh
Minister of National Defence
Assumed office
27 June 2006[1]
Prime Minister Hun Sen
In office
Prime Minister Hun Sen
Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia
Assumed office
16 July 2004
Monarch Norodom Sihanouk
Norodom Sihamoni
Prime Minister Hun Sen
Minister of Transport
Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
In office
Prime Minister Chan Sy
Hun Sen
Member of Parliament
for Siem Reap
Assumed office
28 May 1993
Majority 52,356 (13.24%)
Personal details
Born Tea Sangvan
(1945-11-05) 5 November 1945
Koh Kong, Cambodia
Political party Cambodian People's Party
Spouse(s) Tao Toeun (m. 1975)
  • Siam
  • Tyhas
  • Kanha
Profession Politician
Religion Theravada Buddhism
Military service
Allegiance  Cambodia
Service/branch Royal Cambodian Army
Years of service 1962–?
Rank General
Commands National Committee for Maritime Security
Battles/wars Cambodian Civil War

Tea Banh (Khmer: ទៀ បាញ់, Khmer pronunciation: [tiə ɓaɲ]) (born November 5, 1945, Koh Kong Province)[2] is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for National Defence for Cambodia.[3] He is a former general and a member of the Cambodian People's Party and was elected to represent Siem Reap Province in the National Assembly of Cambodia in the 2003 elections.[4]

Banh, whose birth name was "Tea Sangvan" later changed to Thai name "Sangvan Hin-kling" (Thai: สังวาลย์ หินกลิ้ง) and "Tea Banh" in last,[5] is of Sino-Thai descent. His father, a Thai-Chinese, was named Tea Toek (Thai: เต็ก; rtgs: Tek) and his mother Nou Peng Chenda (Thai: หนู เพ่งจินดา; rtgs: Nu Phengchinda), was an ethnic Thai.[6][7] Banh married Tao Toeun (Thai: เตือนใจ ธรรมเกษร; rtgs: Tueanchai Thamma-keson), who is also an ethnic Thai in 1975. They have three children Tea Siam, Tea Tyhas, and Tea Kanha.


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