House of Sisowath

House of Sisowath
Country  Cambodia
Titles King of Cambodia
Founded 1904
Founder Sisowath
Final ruler Sisowath Monivong
Current head Currently inactive
Ethnicity Cambodian, Thai
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The House of Sisowath is one of the two royal houses of Cambodia, alongside its counterpart, the House of Norodom. It was the ruling royal house from 1904 to 1941. It has produced 2 monarchs of Cambodia, and five Prime Ministers.


List of Sisowath monarchs

Sisowath 27 April 1904 9 August 1927
Sisowath Monivong 9 August 1927 24 April 1941

List of Sisowath Prime Ministers

Sisowath Monireth 1945–1946
Sisowath Youtevong 1946–1947
Sisowath Watchayavong 1947–1948
Sisowath Monipong 1950–1951
Sisowath Sirik Matak 1971–1972

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