Domagojević dynasty

House of Domagoj

Delegation of Croats and Serbs to the Byzantine emperor Basil I at the time of Domagojevićs (from Madrid Skylitzes manuscript)
Country Duchy of Croatia
Titles Knez (Prince/Duke)
Founded 864
Founder Domagoj
Final ruler Branimir
Current head extinct
Dissolution 892

Domagojević dynasty was a native Croat dynasty that ruled in the Duchy of Croatia, probably from 864 until 892, with interruptions.

The dynasty was named after Domagoj, the first member of dynasty known by name. The most famous of the Domagojević's are: Domagoj (the founder) and Branimir.

The relation between Domagoj and Branimir is controversial. Some historians think that Branimir was a son of Domagoj, some think they were in some other family relation. Others think that there were no family relations between them.

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