Mavrocordatos family

Prince Mavrocordat coat of arms.

Mavrocordatos (also Mavrocordato, Mavrokordatos, Mavrocordat or Mavrogordato; Greek: Μαυροκορδάτος) is the name of a family of Phanariot Greeks, distinguished in the history of the Ottoman Empire, Wallachia, Moldavia, and modern Greece. The family – whose members were given a status equal to a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire and later became hospodars – was founded by a late-Byzantine noble (and merchant) of Chios.

Notable members of the family were:

  • Alexander I Mavrokordatos, ruler of Moldavia (1782-1785)
  • Alexander Mavrokordatos - Nicholas' son
  • Nicholas Mavrokordatos, ban of Wallachia
  • John Mavrokordatos, Nicholas' son, ruler of Moldavia (1743-47)
  • Alexander II Mavrokordatos, ruler of Moldavia (1785-1786)


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