Democratic Union of Hungarians of Croatia

Democratic Union of Hungarians of Croatia
Demokratska zajednica Mađara Hrvatske
Horvátországi Magyarok Demokratikus Közössége
Founded 1993 (1993)[1]
Headquarters Osijek, Croatia
Ideology minority politics
Colours green
1 / 151
Coat of arms
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The Democratic Union of Hungarians of Croatia (Croatian: Demokratska zajednica Mađara Hrvatske, Hungarian: Horvátországi Magyarok Demokratikus Közössége) is a Croatian non-governmental organization that represents the Hungarian minority.[2] It was established in 1993, and is headquartered in Osijek.[3]


Democratic Union of Hungarians of Croatia political goals are demographic preservation of current numbers of Hungarians in Croatia, respect of Constitutional Act on the Rights of National Minorities in the Republic of Croatia and establishment of positive Croatia–Hungary relations.[4] Party was part of ruling coalition in the municipality of Bilje together with Croatian Democratic Union but latter it canceled cooperation with that party in 2011.[4] In 2011 party functionaries stated that they believe they can get into power in Kneževi Vinogradi to, where at the time the main concurrent Union of Hungarian Organisations was in power.[4] They criticized the Union of Hungarian Organisations minority advocacy credentials in the field of protection of Minority languages of Croatia after they failed to introduce Hungarian language into official use into Kneževi Vinogradi at that time.[4]

Electoral results

In the Croatian parliamentary election, 2003, they nominated one Jene Adam in the election for the special seat for the Hungarian minority and won one seat in the parliament.[5]

In the elections of 2007, 2011 and 2015 they nominated Robert Jankovics but did not win the seat.[6] At 2016 Croatian parliamentary election they again succeeded to win one seat in national minorities electoral District XII.

2016 Election Controversy

After the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Croatia took over the MP place that was previously controlled by the Union of Hungarian Organisations there appeared certain information in media that the result was the result of electoral fraud.[7] State's Attorney Office of the Republic of Croatia initiated investigation over the claims that party practiced vote buying from individuals who prior to election changed their ethnic self-designation from Croat, Serb or Roma to Hungarian in exchange for money in order to be able to vote for the representative of Hungarian minority in the parliament.[7][8] In the short period of time prior to election number of ethnic Hungarians in Croatia increased for 852 individuals.[8] President of Union of Hungarian Organisations stated for Croatian media that the president of Democratic Union of Hungarians of Croatia is close to Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Alliance and that party is financed by Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán.[8] He also claimed that Vladimir Šeks was advocating for DUHC candidate who had a support from HDZ, and against UHO candidate who had Social Democratic Party of Croatia.[8] Robert Jankovics, elected MP from Democratic Union of Hungarians of Croatia denounced all such a claims by stating that there was increase in number of all ethnic minorities in Croatia prior to election and that elections "were filthy".[8] He acknowledged the endorsement he received from Croatian Democratic Union but justified it with the endorsement of another candidate from the other major party.[8]

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