Chilean presidential election, 1958

Presidential election, 1958
Tuesday September 4, 1958

Turnout 83.5% Decrease3.1%
Candidate Jorge Alessandri Salvador Allende Eduardo Frei Montalva
Party Independent Socialist Christian Democratic
Alliance Liberal-Conservative FRAP
Popular vote 389,909 356,493 255,769
Percentage 31.6% 28.8% 20.7%
Confirmation 147 26

Candidate Luis Bossay Antonio Zamorano
Party Radical Independent
Popular vote 192,077 41,304
Percentage 15.5% 3.3%
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Presidential elections were held in Chile on 4 September 1958.[1] The result was a victory for Jorge Alessandri, who ran as an independent.

Electoral system

The election was held using the absolute majority system, under which a candidate had to receive over 50% of the popular vote to be elected. If no candidate received over 50% of the vote, both houses of the National Congress would come together to vote on the two candidates that received the most votes.[2]


Candidate Party Public vote Congressional vote
Votes % Votes %
Jorge AlessandriIndependent (Liberal-Conservative)389,90931.614785.0
Salvador AllendeSocialist Party356,49328.92615.0
Eduardo Frei MontalvaChristian Democratic Party255,76920.7
Luis Bossay LeivaRadical Party192,07715.6
Antonio Zamorano HerreraIndependent41,3043.3
Invalid/blank votes14,97814
Registered voters/turnout1,497,49383.519297.4
Source: Nohlen, Chilean Electoral Database


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