Liberal Party (Chile, 1849)

Liberal Party
Partido Liberal
Founded 1849
Dissolved 11 May 1966
Merger of Pipiolos and Federalists
Merged into National Party
Headquarters Santiago de Chile
Ideology Liberalism
Classical liberalism
Economic liberalism
Political position Center-right

The Liberal Party (Partido Liberal) of Chile was a Chilean political party created by a faction of pipiolos in 1849. After the conservative victory in the Chilean Civil War of 1829 the liberals became the principal opposition party to the Conservative Party. During the Liberal Party's early history one of its main goal was to create a new constitution to replace the Chilean Constitution of 1833. Rigged election helped to prevent the Liberal Party's presidential candidates to be elected until 1861, during that time elements of the liberal party made attempts to overthrow the government, these were the Revolution of 1851 and the Revolution of 1859. These failed insurrections led a large number of liberals into exile, among them Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna. In 1863 a group of liberal split off to form the Radical Party which would hold power from 1938 to 1952. Originally an anticlericalist party that championed classical liberalism, the liberals later became a right-wing party.

In 1966 the Liberal Party joined with their old antagonists, the United Conservative Party, to form the National Party.

Presidents elected under Liberal Party

Presidential candidates

The following is a list of the presidential candidates supported by the Liberal Party or the pipiolos. (Information gathered from the Archive of Chilean Elections).

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