Chilean presidential election, 1831

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The Chilean presidential election of 1831 took place through a system of electors, and resulted in the election as President of General José Joaquín Prieto.

Following the victory by the conservatives at the Battle of Lircay, which put an end to the Civil War, order was restored. A new Congress was elected, and a call for presidential elections was made. A restricted number of citizens voted for electors, who in turn voted to elect a new president.

On June 2, the day following the first session of the new Congress, the vote recount took place. José Joaquín Prieto was elected President, and Diego Portales Vice President. The seat of Vice President was later abolished with the Constitution of 1933.


Candidates Votes %
José Joaquín Prieto 207 50.00%
Diego Portales 186 44.92%
Francisco Ruiz-Tagle 18 4.34%
Ambrosio Aldunate 2 0.48%
Fernando Errázuriz 1 0.24%
Total 414 100%
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