Charles Emmanuel, Prince of Carignano

Charles Emmanuel of Savoy
Prince of Carignano
Born 24 October 1770
Palazzo Carignano, Turin
Died 16 August 1800 (aged 29)
Paris, France
Burial Royal Basilica of Superga
Spouse Maria Christina of Saxony
Charles Albert, King of Sardinia
Elisabeth, Archduchess of Austria
Full name
Carlo Emanuele di Savoia
House House of Savoy-Carignano
Father Victor Amadeus of Savoy
Mother Joséphine of Lorraine

Charles Emmanuel of Savoy (24 October 1770 16 August 1800) was a Prince of Savoy and later the Prince of Carignano between 1780 and 1800, and the paternal grandfather of Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of a united Italy.


He was a son of Victor Amadeus II, Prince of Carignano and Joséphine of Lorraine, and a fifth-generation descendant of Thomas Francis, Prince of Carignano, founder of the Carignano line of the House of Savoy.

On 24 October 1797 he married in Turin Maria Christina of Saxony, daughter of Carl Christian Joseph of Saxony, Duke of Courland, himself son of Augustus III of Poland. They had two children.

Charles Emmanuel died three years after his marriage in a French prison. He had fought against the French in the First Coalition War, but had made peace with the Republicans after the abdication of Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia. Soon after he became a suspect and was imprisoned in the Citadel of Turin. From there he was moved to Dijon and then to Chaillot in Paris, where he died. He was buried at the Basilica of Superga.



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