Arbeter-ring in Yisroel – Brith Haavoda

Arbeter-ring in Yisroel – Brith Haavoda
Hebrew: ברית עבודה - אַרבעטער-רינג
President Josef Fraind
Founded 1951
Headquarters 48 Kalisher Street, Tel-Aviv 65165

The Arbeter-ring in Yisroel – Brith Haavoda (Hebrew: ברית עבודה - אַרבעטער-רינג) is the Israeli branch of the International Jewish Labor Bund, launched in 1951.



Its first secretary was Isachar (Oskar) Artuski (birth name: Eichenbaum/Aykhenboym, 1903 or 1908-1971), a former Polish Communist who had joined the Bund in 1935. He was also the founder and first editor of Lebns Fragn (see below) and a correspondent of an American Trotskyist magazine “Labor Action”.[1]

Since 2006 the present secretary has been Josef Fraind, who immigrated to Israel from Warsaw in 1952.[2]


Bella Bryks-Klein has been the Director of Cultural Events and Library since January 2007 to the present.[3]

Electoral participation

The Israeli Bund chapter presented a list at the 1959 Knesset election, under the name Socialist Union, but failed to win a seat with only 1,322 votes (0.1%).[1][4]

Lebns Fragn

The Israeli Bundist magazine is לעבנס־פֿראַגן (Lebns Fragn, Life questions), founded in May 1951 by Isachar Artuski, the responsible editor was Ben-Zion ("Bentsl") Tsalevitsh (1883-1967), who came to Palestine in 1922. Since Artuski's death in November 1971 the editor has been Yitskhok Luden.[5]


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