Social Democratic Bund

The Social Democratic Bund was a short-lived Jewish political party in Soviet Russia. It was formed as the Russian Bund was split at its conference in Gomel in April 1920. The Social Democratic Bund was formed out of the rightwing minority section of the erstwhile Russian Bund (the leftwing majority formed the Communist Bund).[1][2] The party was led by Raphael Abramovitch.[3]

Inside the party there were two ideological streams, a leftwing tendency led by Abramovitch and a rightwing tendency led by Mikhail Liber.[4]

In the summer of 1920 Abramovitch travelled to Western Europe together with a Menshevik delegation. He did not return to Russia afterwards.[5] In 1922, the Social Democratic Bund representation abroad took part in a protest against a trial of Socialist-Revolutionary leaders in Moscow. As of 1924, the foreign delegation of the Social Democratic Bund took part in the framing of the platform of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (Mensheviks) in Berlin, Germany. Its leading representatives (Abramovic, Yudin (Aizenshtat) and Grigori Aronson) were inducted into the Menshevik foreign delegation in Berlin.[6]


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