General Jewish Labour Party

The General Jewish Labour Party (Yiddish: אַלגעמײַנער ײדישער אַרבעטער פרטיי, Algemeyner Yidisher Arbeter Partei, abbreviated A.Y.A.P, Polish: Ogólno Zydowska Partia Pracy) was a Jewish socialist political party in Poland. The party was founded in Lvov in November 1931 by a leftwing group of the General Jewish Labour Bund in Poland in East Galicia, which upheld the idea of dictatorship of the proletariat, a faction of the Poale Zion Left and young left-wing Zionists. The party was aligned with the Communist Party of Poland.[1][2]

The party was led by Zigmunt Stein.[3]

The party was banned in July 1934, a move welcomed by mainstream Jewish leaders in East Galicia.[2] Several activists of the party were imprisoned for being members of the party. The party later merged into the Communist Party of Poland.[3]


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