Yōkaichi Station

Yōkaichi Station
Location Yōkaichi-hamano-chō 485, Higashiōmi, Shiga
Coordinates 35°06′52″N 136°11′41″E / 35.114485°N 136.194849°E / 35.114485; 136.194849Coordinates: 35°06′52″N 136°11′41″E / 35.114485°N 136.194849°E / 35.114485; 136.194849
Operated by Ohmi Railway
Opened 1898
Station plaza

Yōkaichi Station (八日市駅 Yōkaichi-eki) is a railway station in Higashiomi, Shiga, Japan. The main station in Higashiōmi city and one of the most important station of Ohmi railway.



1  Main Line
(Minakuchi Gamono Line)
for Hino and Kibukawa
2  Main Line
(Koto Ohmi Line)
for Hikone and Maibara
3  Yōkaichi Line
(Man-yō Akane Line)
for Hirata and Ōmi-Hachiman

Stations next to Yōkaichi

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Ohmi Railway Main Line
Koto Ohmi Line
Minakuchi Gamono Line
Kawabe-no-mori - Nagatanino
Ohmi Railway Yōkaichi Line
(Man-yō Akane Line)
Terminus - Shin-Yōkaichi


"Ohmi Railway bus" for Notogawa Station, Eigen-ji and "Chokotto-bus" (municipal buses) depart and arrive from this station.

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