Takamiya Station (Shiga)

Platforms of Takamiya Station

Takamiya Station (高宮駅 Takamiya-eki) is a railway station in Hikone, Shiga, Japan.



The station has a side platform with a track and wn island platform with 2 tracks.

1  Main Line
(Hikone Taga-Taisha Line)
from Yokaichi for Hikone and Maibara
2  Main Line
(Koto Ohmi Line)
for Yokaichi, Kibukawa and Ōmi-Hachiman
3  Main Line
(Hikone Taga-Taisha Line)
from the Taga Line for Hikone and Maibara
 Taga Line
(Hikone Taga-Taisha Line)
for Taga Taisha-mae

Stations next to Takamiya

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Ohmi Railway Main Line
Hikone Taga-Taisha Line
Koto Ohmi Line
Hikoneguchi - Amago
Ohmi Railway Taga Line
(Hikone Taga-Taisha Line)
Terminus - Screen
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Coordinates: 35°14′10″N 136°15′38″E / 35.236141°N 136.260512°E / 35.236141; 136.260512

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