Ubaye Valley

The Ubaye Valley is an area in the Alpes de Haute-Provence département, in the French Alps, having approximately 7,700 residents.[1] Its residents are called Ubayens. Its principal town is the sous-préfecture of Barcelonnette.

A view of the Ubaye valley

Ubaye River - Hydrography

Marinet Lake


Brec de Chambeyron (3389 meters)

Ubaye Valley's highest mountain is the Aiguille de Chambeyron (3,412 m (11,194 ft)). The second one is the Brec de Chambeyron (3,389 m (11,119 ft)).



There are only six passable vehicle roads during the summer:

The Ubaye between La Condamine and Jausiers



The valley is in the arrondissement of Barcelonnette, and has two cantons.

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