Somali aristocratic and court titles

Mohamoud Ali Shire, the 26th Suldaan (Sultan) of the Warsangali Sultanate.

This is a list of Somali aristocratic and court titles that were historically used by the Somali people's various sultanates, kingdoms and empires. Also included are the honorifics reserved for Islamic notables as well as traditional leaders and officials within the Somali customary law (xeer), in addition to the nobiliary particles set aside for distinguished individuals.

Monarchs and aristocrats

Below is a list of the royal court titles historically retained by the Somali monarchies and aristocracies.

Male titles

Kings or Rulers

Royal family

Court officials

Sheikh Abadir Umar Ar-Rida, patron saint in the Harar sultanate.

Female titles


Royal family

Religious leaders

Sheikh Ali Ayanle Samatar, a prominent Islamic leader.

Islamic leaders within Somali society were often drawn from or elevated to the noble ranks. Below is a list of the titles most often used historically by the clergymen (ulama):

Traditional leaders and officials

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Below is a list of the titles traditionally employed by leaders and officials within the Somali customary law or xeer.



Nobiliary particles

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