Real Politics Union

Real Politics Union
Unia Polityki Realnej
President Bartosz Józwiak
Vice President Tomasz Pióro
Secretary General Tomasz Brzezina
Founded 14 November 1987 (as a society)
6 December 1990 (as a party)
Headquarters ul. Złota 7/18, 00-019 Warsaw
Ideology Libertarian conservatism[1]
Classical liberalism[2]
Political position Right-wing[3]
National affiliation National Movement
Colours      Black
1 / 460
0 / 100
European Parliament
0 / 51
Regional assemblies
0 / 555
Party flag

The Real Politics Union (Polish: Unia Polityki Realnej, UPR) is a free market-emphasizing conservative political party in Poland. It is composed of conservatives, libertarians and monarchists. The party slogan is: "Liberty, Property, Justice".


The party's goals are to create a minimal state, restricted to basic functions such as:

The UPR consistently has the support of 1–2% of voters in general elections, too low to receive public funding under Polish electoral law. As a consequence, it has faced prolonged financial difficulties since its inception. In the 1991 legislative election, the party won 3 seats.

UPR's candidates commenced their political campaign from the conservative libertarian organisation Janusz Korwin-Mikke's Platform ("Platforma Janusza Korwin-Mikke"). The PJKM did not manage to cross the required 5% threshold in the 2005 parliamentary elections (it got only 1.57%).

In the most recent election, the UPR candidates campaigned in cooperation with the League of Polish Families but did not enter into a formal coalition.

The list on which both the UPR and the League appeared saw the UPR get 1.5% votes. This was insufficient to get any of their candidates into the lower house ("Sejm") and therefore the UPR remains unable to obtain public funding.


Party symbol

A special colour variation of St George's Cross is used here as a traditional symbol of a struggle for principles. The colours of the flag represent: a struggle for allegiance (blue), virtue (white) and liberty (black).

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