Front Morges

Front Morges was a political alliance of centrist political parties of interwar Poland (Polish Christian Democratic Party, National Workers' Party, Związek Hallerczyków). It was founded in 1936 in the Swiss village of Morges by general Władysław Sikorski and former Polish Prime Minister Ignacy Paderewski. Prominent activists included Józef Haller, Wojciech Korfanty, and Karol Popiel. They opposed the sanacja regime - which caused some of them to emigrate. They wanted to form a new government with Paderewski as the president and Wincenty Witos as the prime minister. They demanded democratization and closer alliance with France.

The alliance gained little publicity and support in Poland, but eventually they led to the formation of a new political party in Poland, the Labor Party (Stronnictwo Pracy), in 1937. That became one of the parties which constituted the political basis for the Polish government-in-exile during 1939-1945.[1]


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