Democratic Union (Poland)

Democratic Union
Chairman Tadeusz Mazowiecki
Founded May 1991
Dissolved April 23, 1994 (1994-04-23)
Merger of Citizens' Movement for Democratic Action
Forum of the Democratic Right
Merged into Freedom Union
Ideology Liberalism,
Christian democracy
Political position Centre

The Democratic Union (Polish: Unia Demokratyczna) was a liberal Christian-democratic party in Poland. The party was founded in 1990 by Prime Minister, Christian democrat Tadeusz Mazowiecki as a merger of the Citizens' Movement for Democratic Action (Ruch Obywatelski Akcja Demokratyczna) and the Forum of Right Democrats (Forum Prawicy Demokratycznej).

Timeline of Polish liberal parties after 1989
Citizens' Movement for Democratic Action /ROAD (1990-1991)
Liberal Democratic Congress /KLD (1990-1994)
Democratic Union /UD (1991-1994)
Freedom Union /UW (1994-2005)
Democratic Party /PD (2005- )
Palikot's Movement /RP (2011-2013)
Your Movement /TR (2013- )
Modern/.N (2015- )

The party had a market-socialist profile with Christian-democratic influence. Important members were Bronisław Geremek, Jacek Kuroń, Adam Michnik, Hanna Suchocka, Jan Rokita and Aleksander Hall.

In 1994 the party merged with the Liberal Democratic Congress into the Freedom Union (Unia Wolności).

Election results


Election year # of
% of
# of
overall seats won
1991 1,382,051 12.3 (#1)
62 / 460
Increase 13[1]
1993 1,460,957 10.6 (#3)
74 / 460
Increase 12


Election year # of
overall seats won
21 / 100
4 / 100
Decrease 17

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