Podhale-Magura Area

Podhale-Magura Area
Podhôľno-magurská oblasť (sk)
Obniżenie Orawsko-Podhalańskie (pl)

Highest point
Peak Skorušina
Elevation 1,314 m (4,311 ft)
Coordinates 49°17′53″N 19°41′31″E / 49.29806°N 19.69194°E / 49.29806; 19.69194Coordinates: 49°17′53″N 19°41′31″E / 49.29806°N 19.69194°E / 49.29806; 19.69194

Podhale-Magura Area ranges (marked in red) within the Outer Western Carpathians

Countries Slovakia and Poland
Regions Žilina, Prešov and Lesser Poland
Parent range Outer Western Carpathians
Borders on Central Beskids, (Polish) Western Beskids, Eastern Beskids and Fatra-Tatra Area

The Podhale-Magura Area (Slovak: Podhôľno-magurská oblasť; known in Polish as the Orava-Podhale Depression, Obniżenie Orawsko-Podhalańskie) — is a geomorfologic region of mountain ranges in northern Slovakia and southern Poland, belonging to the Outer Western Carpathians within the Carpathian Mountains system.


The Podhale-Magura Area consists of:

The adjacent Pieniny range is sometimes considered part of the Podhale-Magura Area; otherwise considered as part of the Eastern Beskids.

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