Ruins of Soko Grad
Highest point
Elevation 1,187 m (3,894 ft)[1]
Coordinates 43°35′38″N 21°56′39″E / 43.59389°N 21.94417°E / 43.59389; 21.94417Coordinates: 43°35′38″N 21°56′39″E / 43.59389°N 21.94417°E / 43.59389; 21.94417

Location in Serbia

Location Eastern Serbia

Devica (Serbian Cyrillic: Девица) is a mountain in eastern Serbia, near the town of Sokobanja. Its highest peak, Čapljinac (also called Manjin Kamen[2]) has an elevation of 1,187 m (3,894 ft) above sea level. It belongs to the boundary of Carpatian and Balkan mountain ranges, which meet in eastern Serbia.[3]

It is bounded by the spa town on Sokobanja and river Moravica on north, Labukovo on south, road Sokobanja-Labukovo on west, and Galibabinac on east. The deep canyon of Moravica is cut into Devica's northern edge, dominated by the old fortress Soko Grad.[3] At the height of around 1100 m there is a large plateau, with several caves and other carst formations. Except for parts near Sokobanja, it has no tourist facilities and is relatively unknown to the wider public.[1]


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