Central Moravian Carpathians

Central Moravian Carpathians
Středomoravské Karpaty (cs)

Buchlov Castle in the Chřiby highlands
Highest point
Peak Brdo
Elevation 587 m (1,926 ft)
Coordinates 49°10′16″N 17°18′32″E / 49.17111°N 17.30889°E / 49.17111; 17.30889Coordinates: 49°10′16″N 17°18′32″E / 49.17111°N 17.30889°E / 49.17111; 17.30889

Central Moravian Carpathians (marked in red) within the Outer Western Carpathians

Country Czech Republic
Regions Moravia
Parent range Outer Western Carpathians
Borders on Slovak-Moravian Carpathians

The Central Moravian Carpathians (Czech: Středomoravské Karpaty) are a mountain range within the Czech Republic belonging to the Outer Western Carpathians.

Despite the name, they stand in southern Moravia, east of Brno. In the east, they border on the Slovak-Moravian Carpathians; in the south, they stretch down to the Thaya (Dyje) Valley and the South-Moravian Carpathians. The mountains are mostly forested, planted with beech and spruce trees. It is one of the most important agricultural areas for wine grapes, apricots and peaches, and vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.


The Central Moravian Carpathians are geomorphologically subdivided into:

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