Homolje mountains

Homolje mountains
Highest point
Elevation 940 m (3,080 ft)[1]
Coordinates 44°21′31″N 21°37′45″E / 44.35861°N 21.62917°E / 44.35861; 21.62917Coordinates: 44°21′31″N 21°37′45″E / 44.35861°N 21.62917°E / 44.35861; 21.62917
Homolje mountains

Location in Serbia

Location Eastern Serbia
Parent range Serbian Carpathians

Homolje mountains (Serbian: Хомољске планине, Homoljske planine) is a mountain range in eastern Serbia. The region they are in is also known as Homolje and located between towns of Žagubica in the south and Kučevo in the north.

Their highest peaks are Štubej (940 m) and Vranj (884 m). Hidden in the mountains is the Orthodox monastery of Vitovnica.[2]

The region of Homolje is sparsely populated, with ethnic Vlachs of Serbia making a majority of residents in some areas thereof, and because of the small population its nature is unspoilt. One of its attractions is a vast forest called Trest.


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