Peerwana is a village in Faisalabad District near Chak Jhumra, Punjab, Pakistan. It is in Chak Jhumra Town's Union Council#2. It is situated on the Faisalabad to Pindi Bhattian Motorway M3 near Sahianwala Interchange. Its Latitude is 31°44'21.51"N and Longitude is 73°13'20.97"E. It is one of the newly built motorways of Pakistan which connects Islamabad and Lahore to Faisalabad. Many people nearby villages have used it as a starting point for Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Multan. It is 140 kilometers away from Lahore and 30 kilometers away from Faisalabad.

It was named after Peer sahab, a prominent saint.

Nearby towns are Salarwala, Sangla Hill, Chak Jhumra, Chiniot and Pindi Bhattian. By road, 43/JB Peerwana is connected to Salarwala, Sangla Hill, Chak Jhumra, Chiniot and Pindi Bhattian.

The most famous things in Peerwana are Darbar Bawa Sardar Ali and Government Primary school for Girls and Boys. Bawa Sardar Ali a Muslim Sufi, Syed Yousaf Shah who gave people teachings of Islam.

This village consists of Gudgor Families mainly except this Aasi Family is there.Ch. Muhammad Afzal Sahi, a former speaker, Punjab assembly of Pakistan, was a famous follower of Bawa Sardar Ali and used to visit darbar time and again. The town has a multi-ethnic population of ten thousand. Much of this population is uneducated. Conditions of civil amenities are poor. A government hospital exists three kilometer away from main population area which was established in the time of united India. It has shifted to a new building and its old land has been occupied by land mafia.

Probably the biggest feature of Peerwana is its game of Shooting Volleyball. As the legend goes this game has been played for 60 or so years. Some outstanding shoot strikers of Punjab were produced in Peruana. The game is played in front of the Peruana Adda Bus Stop and can be seen morning and evening. Every spring there is a tournament in which teams from all nearby areas participate.


Gudgore is the major caste here.

Aasi, Luhar, Mochi, Kumhar, Na'ee, Tarkhan, Maachhi, Muslim Sheikh, and Sheikh casts are also found in Peerwana.Gudgore is the major caste in this village.Almost 80% families belongs to Gudgore Family.Gudgor is a sub-caste of Jut Family.Forefathers of Gudgor Family migrated from Sialkot from "Gudgore" Village in Tehsil Pasrur before independence of Pakistan and settled here.In those days this area was rich in plants/jungle.So, they started cutting trees and made land for agriculture purposes.Now there are four villages of Gudgor Family.Peerwana, Jalma'ana, Aa'lniawala and Ramowana.Gudgore Families also live all over the Pakistan.


The economy is meager and agricultural in nature. Many people are employed in Pakistan Rangers Force. The canal Jhang Branch passes just two kilometers away from Peruana. Irrigation water for land comes from this canal. Land is very fertile. Those who have no land go to Faisalabad, Lahore and Karachi for earning.

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Chak no 42 JB(bera wala bangla) it is the village in tehsil chak jhumra.famous schools are govt primary school(mutmal), govt elementary school(baar),govt primary school(tlayala).main cast of the chak are baar,mutmal,aasi,nekukare.


    Coordinates: 31°44′21.51″N 73°13′20.97″E / 31.7393083°N 73.2224917°E / 31.7393083; 73.2224917

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