Dijkot (Punjabi, Urdu: ڈجکوٹ), is a city in the Faisalabad District in the state of Punjab, Pakistan. DIJKOT is 466 feet high from sea level and the population is above than 100,000. Area of Dijkot consists of above than 700 kanal. It is situated on Sumandri road, 26 km from Faisalabad GPS coordinates (latitude31.216700 and longitude 72.992000). Distance of MAKKAH from Dijkot is 3460.44 km. Qibla is located on the degree of 259.924023 from North clockwise. In the early ages it was called (STATE OF DITCHKOT) and where the town was situated, now there is a graveyard consisting 95 kanal and 13 marla. The word Dijkot belongs to local language word ?Ditch? which means fort or a city inside the fort. Ditch was a famous warrior tribe of the area. 1st time the city was destroyed, as the history shows, in 326 BC when Deputy Commander of the great Alexander attacked this state. As a result, few people were remained lived. They rehabilitated the city again. Then the CHUNDAR GUPT MORIA (322 BC -316BC) gave the importance to this town. In 712 AD Muhammad bin Qasim attacked the Sindh and reached to the Chiniot and probably he was arrested from this area. In 1460 the tribes of surrounding of Ditchkot attacked the state and once again the state was completely destroyed. For long time the area could not be rehabilitated. Then a saint Baba Sher Shah lived on the south of this old state. Then a new city began to develop during the Sher Shah Soori time. In the beginning of twentieth century Government High School and in 1908 Police station was established in Dijkot. city.[1]Famous personalities of Dijkot Ch.Umar Hayat Gill was the founder of Grain Market(Trader & Donator)He was a great lover and follower of Islam,Malik Ashgar (Nazim of Dijkot),Doctor Ihsan Ul Haq (World Bank Member), Prof.Dr.S.M.Saeed Shah,first PhD Civil Engg.(UK) of Dijkot, Professor CEWRE UET Lahore. Haji Khushi (Oilia Allah) Muhammad,Gul Sher Sha Wali (Oilia Allah),Dr. Gibran Ali first PhD holder (in stem cell research) from this town presently working as assistant professor at Punjab university. His father Mubarak Ali is known for his struggle against dictator regime in 1980s.Advocate Aiza butt is first girl of dijkot who joined the media firstly and high light the social issues of Dijkot critically.


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Coordinates: 31°13′N 72°59′E / 31.217°N 72.983°E / 31.217; 72.983

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