Chak No 235 R-B Niamuana is a village in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It is situated on Samundri Road Faisalabad near rafhan mill stop. It is a major village of the Kharal, rajoka and Phore tribe. Mhajar, Khokar, Aarbi, Lohar and Mouchi , are also lives in Niamuana.

here is the map of village. 216971765512427929689.0004a7c939751c5f286b4 It has a vast graveyard and a pilgrimage of saint Baba Shah Jamal Bukhari.There is a community center in the center of the village and also Eid Gah. Lush green fields around the village make it beautiful. A vast playground is also for youth to play different sports.Major sports of this village are cricket, football and handball.

Mela Mandi Mawaishyan is a festival celebrated every six months.this is trademark of Niamuana. this festival is famous for tent pegging.

Coordinates: 31°20′N 73°05′E / 31.333°N 73.083°E / 31.333; 73.083

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