Chak 38 JB

Chak 38 JB (Dabbora or Dagora or Riwaaz Abad: Urdu: چک نمبر 38 ج ب ڈبورہ) is a village located at the boundary of Faisalabad district, Punjab, Pakistan. Its zip code is 37521. Its neighbor villages are Chak 35 JB, Chak 36 JB - Sharqi, Chak 36 JB Gharbi, Chak 37 JB - Gardana, Chak 39 JB - Chota Dagora, Chak 40 JB, Chak 41 JB, Chak 71 JB - Sarli and Chak 69 JB - Chabba - Asim Wali.


The village is named according to the normal practice for a Chak (village) of Pakistani Punjab. The "JB" denotes Jhang Branch Canal, the source of the village's water supply.

Neighbor cities

The nearest cities, all in Pakistan, and their distances from the village are:

Some information about Chak 38 JB

Source Faisalabad 38000
Country پاکستان- Pakistan
State Punjab
City / District Faisalabad District
location Faisalabad 38000, Pakistan
Latitude 31.401518
Latitude 72.873199

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