Palacio de Indo

Palacio de Indo photographed by J. Laurent.
Back facade of Palacio de Indo.

Palacio de Indo was a palace located in the Paseo de la Castellana (Madrid).


On land located around the Paseo del Cisne, current Paseo de Eduardo Dato, it was the Huerta de España (Garden of Spain) whose origins are very old. After belonging to different owners over the centuries, in the 19th century these lands were purchased by the Basque banker Miguel Sáinz de Indo, which built one of the finest neighborhoods, occupied by the aristocracy, known as the Barrio de Indo, and he raises his own palace, the Palacio de Indo, built by Agustín Ortiz de Villajos.

To the right of Paseo del Cisne, in 1866 Indo built his palace, surrounded by beautiful landscaped garden. There are very few remains of the old garden, then bounded by a fence, currently open; of the original trees survived three magnolias apparently -at until some time ago were four-, some thick trunk pagoda trees and shrubs.[1]

Inside the luxurious palace was decorated by numerous works of art that had accumulated Indo and his descendants; in the early 20th century, both the mansion and its contents went up for auction, when the Duke of Montellano bought the building in 1901, but not take long to tear it down in 1904 to build a new one.[2]


The large surface area of the site allowed to build a set consisting of a main building exempted -of three floors topped with a slender balustrade- and a large garden in which there were plenty of greenhouses. The entire set was closed with an elegant cast-iron fence.


Coordinates: 40°25′57″N 3°41′22″W / 40.4325°N 3.6895°W / 40.4325; -3.6895

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