Walls of Philip II

The Walls of Philip II were walls in the city of Madrid that Philip II, in 1566, constructed for fiscal and sanitary control. The walls covered an area of about 125 hectares.

The walls started from the Christian Walls at its height to the current Calle Segovia, and continued through the streets of las Aguas, Águila, Calatrava, Santa Ana, Juanelo, Cabeza, Magdalena, between the Plaza de Matute y the Calle León, by the streets Echegaray, Cedaceros, Arlabán, Virgen de los Peligros, Aduana, Montera, Gran Vía, joining to the Walls del Arrabal in the Plaza del Callao.

This Walls had 8 main gates and access postigos:

There are remains of these walls in Calle de Bailén next to the extension of the Senate.

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