Megas logothetes

The megas logothetēs (Greek: μέγας λογοθέτης) or Grand Logothete, was an official supervising all the sekreta (fiscal departments) of the Byzantine Empire.

History and functions

See also: Logothete

The post was first established by Emperor Alexios I Komnenos (r. 1081–1118) as the logothetēs tōn sekretōn (λογοθέτης τῶν σεκρέτων), in an attempt to improve the coordination of the various departments (sekreta).[1] The fiscal departments in particular were further grouped under two other officials: the two principal treasury departments, the genikon and eidikon, were put under the megas logariastēs tōn sekretōn (μέγας λογαριαστής τῶν σεκρέτων, "grand accountant of the sekreta"), while the megas logariastēs tōn euagōn sekretōn (μέγας λογαριαστής τῶν εὐαγῶν σεκρέτων) oversaw the "pious bureaux" (εὐαγή σεκρέτα, euagē sekreta), i.e. imperial estates and religious foundations.[2] By the mid-12th century, the logothetēs tōn sekretōn had become the megas logothetēs, an office which survived until the Fall of Constantinople in May 1453.

Today, the leading offikion among the archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople still bears the title of "Grand Logothete".[3]


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