List of commodity booms

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A standardized price index for tulip bulb contracts during the Tulip mania[1]
Uranium bubble of 2007[2]

This is a list of economic booms created by commodities.

Boom Commodity Location Dates
Tulip mania tulips Netherlands 1636–1637
First Chilean wheat cycle wheat Chile 1687–1810
Brazilian Gold Rush gold Brazil 18th century
Carolina Gold Rush gold North Carolina, US early 19th century
Georgia Gold Rush gold Georgia, US 1828 – early 1840s
Chilean silver rush silver Chile 1830–1850
Guano Era guano Peru 1845 – c. 1870
California Gold Rush gold California, US 1848–1855
Second Chilean wheat cycle wheat Chile mid-19th century – 1870s
British Columbia gold rushes gold British Columbia, Canada 1850–1941
Australian gold rushes gold Australia 1851–1906
Pennsylvania oil rush petroleum northwestern Pennsylvania, US 1859 – early 1870s
Otago Gold Rush gold Central Otago, New Zealand 1860s
Colorado River mining boom gold Southwestern US 1861–64
West Coast Gold Rush gold West Coast, New Zealand 1864–1867
Lapland gold rush gold Lapland, Finland 1870s
Azerbaijan oil boom petroleum Azerbaijan 1870s
Pilgrim's Rest gold rush gold Pilgrim's Rest, Mpumalanga, South Africa 1873
Black Hills Gold Rush gold Dakota Territory, US 1874 – c. 1880
Patagonian sheep farming boom wool, mutton Patagonia late 19th to early 20th century
Cripple Creek Gold Rush gold Cripple Creek, Colorado, US late 19th to early 20th century
Bodie gold rush gold Bodie, California, US 1877–1880
First Amazon rubber boom rubber Amazon basin 1879–1912
Indiana gas boom natural gas Indiana, US early 1880s – early 20th century
Ohio oil rush petroleum Northwest Ohio, US 1880s – 1930s
Tierra del Fuego gold rush gold Tierra del Fuego 1883–1906
Witwatersrand Gold Rush gold South Africa 1886
Klondike Gold Rush gold Klondike, Yukon, Canada 1896–1899
Mount Baker Gold Rush gold Whatcom County, Washington, US 1897 – mid-1920s
Nome Gold Rush gold Nome, Alaska, US 1899–1909
Fairbanks Gold Rush gold Fairbanks, Alaska, US early 1900s
Texas oil boom petroleum Texas, US 1901 – 1940s
Cobalt silver rush silver Cobalt, Ontario, Canada 1903 – c. 1930
Stoy, Illinois oil boom petroleum Stoy, Illinois, US 1906–1910
Porcupine Gold Rush gold Northern Ontario, Canada 1909 – 1950s
Kakamega gold rush gold Kakamega, Kenya early 1930s
Vatukoula gold rush gold Vatukoula, Fiji 1932
Second Amazon rubber boom rubber Amazon basin 1942–1945
Calgary oil boom petroleum Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1947 – early 1980s
New Zealand wool boom wool New Zealand 1951 – late 1950s
Mexican oil boom petroleum Mexico 1977–1981
Cigar boom cigars US 1992–1997
2000s commodities boom multiple worldwide 2000s
Uranium bubble of 2007 uranium worldwide 2005–2007
North Dakota oil boom petroleum, shale gas North Dakota, US 2006 – present (as of 2015)
Rhodium bubble[3] rhodium worldwide (primarily South Africa, Russia) 2008


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