List of caves in Western Australia

This is a list of caves in Western Australia. It includes all named caves that occur in the Australian Speleological Federation Karst Index Database (KID).[1]


Each cave is given a unique identification number, and many caves are also given a name. This list is restricted to named caves. For conservation reasons, the precise locations of wild caves are not made available to the public. However, most caves are allocated to a "cave area".

Cave systems with multiple entrance points may appear in this list multiple times.

Cave number Cave name Cave area
6AU-1 Deepdene Cave Augusta
6AU-2 Bone Cave Augusta
6AU-3 Bottomless Hole Augusta
6AU-6 Harleys Cave Augusta
6AU-8 Skull Cave Augusta
6AU-9 Old Kudardup Cave Augusta
6AU-11 Moondyne Cave Augusta
6AU-13 Augusta Jewel Cave Augusta
6AU-14 Easter Cave (Western Australia) Augusta
6AU-15 Deeondeeup Cave Augusta
6AU-16 The Labyrinth (Western Australia) Augusta
6AU-18 Leeuwin Cave Augusta
6AU-20 Lloyds Dig Augusta
6AU-22 Deepdene Cliffs - Upper Level Augusta
6AU-23 Deepdene Cliffs - Lower Level Augusta
6AU-26 Leeuwin Water Wheel Spring Augusta
6AU-28 Foundation Cave Augusta
6AU-29 Clematis Cave Augusta
6AU-30 Jims Dig Augusta
6C-4 Owl Roost Cape Range
6C-12 Petrogale Cape Range
6C-17 Goat Cave Cape Range
6C-18 Dry Swallet Cave Cape Range
6C-21 Monajee Cave Cape Range
6C-23 Dozer Cave Cape Range
6C-24 Milyering Well Cape Range
6C-25 Kudamurra Well Cape Range
6C-26 Tantabiddi Well Cape Range
6C-27 Kubura Well Cape Range
6C-28 Bundera Sinkhole Cape Range
6C-29 Bell Cave Cape Range
6C-41 Beanstalk Cave Cape Range
6C-64 Shot Hole Tunnel Cape Range
6C-66 Tetra-Dome Cave Cape Range
6C-67 Oh Well Cape Range
6C-69 Linda's Delight Cape Range
6C-76 Papillon Cave Cape Range
6CO-1 Quinninup Lake Cave Cowaramup
6CO-5 Guthrie Cave Cowaramup
6CO-6 Snake Pit Cowaramup
6CO-7 Cowaramup Cave Cowaramup
6CO-8 Meekadorabee Cave Cowaramup
6CO-10 Trichosurus Hole Cowaramup
6E-1 Stockyard Tunnel Eneabba
6E-2 Stockyard Bridge Eneabba
6E-3 Stockyard Cave Eneabba
6E-4 Alpha Doline Eneabba
6E-5 Beta Doline Eneabba
6E-6 Gamma Doline Eneabba
6E-7 Delta Doline Eneabba
6E-8 Epsilon Doline Eneabba
6E-9 Aiyennu Cave Eneabba
6E-10 Beekeepers Cave Eneabba
6E-11 Emu Cave Eneabba
6E-12 Facts of Life Cave Eneabba
6E-13 Little Three Springs East Cave Eneabba
6E-14 Little Three Springs West Cave Eneabba
6E-15 Delta Half Doline Eneabba
6E-16 Flatworm Cave Eneabba
6E-17 Zamia Palm Doline Eneabba
6E-22 Arramal Cave Eneabba
6E-23 River Cave Eneabba
6E-24 Weelawadji Cave Eneabba
6E-25 Honey Cave Eneabba
6E-26 Lake Erindoon Cave Eneabba
6E-30 Drip Cave Eneabba
6E-32 Arramal Cave Eneabba
6E-45 Red Brush Cave Eneabba
6E-48 Sponge Cave Eneabba
6E-49 Rat Cave Eneabba
6E-50 Weelawadji Cave Eneabba
6E-52 Weelawadji West Eneabba
6E-53 Swallow Cave Eneabba
6E-54 Syg Cave Eneabba
6E-55 Fishermans Pot Eneabba
6E-56 Wait Cave Eneabba
6EM-17 Caladenia Cave East Moore
6J-1 Gooseberry Cave Jurien
6J-2 Drovers Cave Jurien
6J-3 Moorba Cave Jurien
6J-4 Hastings Cave Jurien
6J-5 Kjeldahl Cave Jurien
6J-6 Mystery Cave Jurien
6J-7 Old River Cave Jurien
6J-8 Green Head Road Cave Jurien
6J-9 Retreat Cave Jurien
6J-10 Tumbled in Cave Jurien
6J-11 Rifle Cave Jurien
6 kg-1 Geikie Gorge Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-2 Geikie Bat Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-3 Homestead South Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-4 Homestead South Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-5 Homestead South Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-6 Homestead North Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6 kg-7 Homestead North Cave Kimberleys – Geike Area
6KH-1 Siphon Spring Kimberleys – Horse Spring Range/Hull Range Area
6KH-2 Horse Spring Kimberleys – Horse Spring Range/Hull Range Area
6KL-1 Cave Springs Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-3 Cave Springs Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-4 Network Cave Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-5 Mimbi Cave (Upper) Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-6 Nardji Cave Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-7 Nardji Cave Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-8 Nardji Cave Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-9 Galeru Gorge Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-10 Kudata Gap Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-11 Pluto's Way Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-12 Pluto's Way Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-13 Pluto's Way Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-14 Pluto's Way Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-15 Pluto's Way Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KL-16 Illawarra Cave Kimberleys – Lawford/Laidlaw Area
6KN-1 Old Napier Downs Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-2 Wangahinnya Caves Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-3 Barnet Spring Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-4 Barnet Spring Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-5 Window Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-6 Window Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-7 Pigeons Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-8 Bull Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-9 Barnet Spring Gorge Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-10 Old Napier Downs Polje Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-11 Windjana Gorge Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-13 Westernmost Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KN-14 Westernmost Cave Kimberleys – Napier Range Area
6KO-1 The Tunnel Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-2 The Tunnel Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-3 The Tunnel Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-5 Dingo Gap Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-6 Dingo Gap Cave Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-7 Brooking Yard Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-8 Brooking Gorge Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-9 Wine Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-10 Pink Trigger Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-11 Supine Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-12 Elimberrie Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-14 Fig Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KO-16 Palm Spring Kimberleys – Oscar Range Area
6KP-1 Menyous Gap Kimberleys – Pillara Range Area
6KP-2 Menyous Gap Cave Kimberleys – Pillara Range Area
6KP-3 Knock-On-Wood Cave Kimberleys – Pillara Range Area
6KP-4 Knock-On-Wood Cave Kimberleys – Pillara Range Area
6KP-5 Knock-On-Wood Cave Kimberleys – Pillara Range Area
6LW-1 Avalon Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-2 Dawes Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-3 Toussant Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-4 Morfitt Cave No. 1 Lower West Coast
6LW-5 Morfitt Cave No. 2 Lower West Coast
6LW-6 Kwinana Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-7 Kings Park Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-8 Blackwall Reach Caves Lower West Coast
6LW-9 Blackwall Reach Caves Lower West Coast
6LW-10 Blackwall Reach Caves Lower West Coast
6LW-11 Peppermint Grove Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-12 Two Up Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-16 Dock Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-17 Naval Base Hotel Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-18 Point Peron Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-19 Tomich Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-20 Soltoggia Cave Lower West Coast
6LW-25 Prisoners Cave Lower West Coast
6M-1 Coorow Cave Moora
6M-6 Jingemia Cave Moora
6M-7 Bishops Hole Moora
6MIS-4 Dale Cave
6MIS-5 Frieze Cave
6MIS-6 Bates Cave
6MIS-7 Hippos Yawn
6MIS-8 Willagulli Caves
6MIS-9 Appertarra Cave
6MIS-11 Sandspring Rockshelter
6MIS-14 Carved Cave Spring
6MIS-15 Mujingerra Cave
6MIS-16 Empress Spring
6MIS-17 Helena Spring
6MIS-18 Prideaux Cave
6MIS-20 Albert Caves
6MIS-21 Chittering Cave
6MIS-22 Hole-In-The-Wall Cave
6MIS-23 The Caves
6MIS-24 Nanga Caves
6MIS-26 Stoneaxe Cave
6MIS-27 Crane Cave
6MIS-28 Pine Tree Cave
6MIS-29 Bats Cave
6MIS-34 Wilgie Mia Ochre Mine
6MIS-35 Barnes Rock Cave
6MIS-36 Bee Gorge Cave
6MIS-37 Campfire Cave
6MIS-38 Arches Cave
6MR-1 Witchcliffe Cave Margaret River
6MR-2 Blackboy Hollow Cave Margaret River
6MR-3 Rainbow Cave Margaret River
6MR-4 Wallcliffe Cave Margaret River
6MR-9 Foxhole Cave Margaret River
6MR-19 Milligans Cave Margaret River
6N-2 Weebubbie Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-3 Abrakurrie Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-17 Chowilla Landslip Nullarbor Plain
6N-19 Weebubbie Road Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-34 Water Truck Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-35 Bobobogol Doline Nullarbor Plain
6N-36 Erosion Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-37 Mullamullang Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-38 Walpet Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-39 Joe's Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-40 Kestrel No. 1 Cavern Nullarbor Plain
6N-41 Spider Sink Nullarbor Plain
6N-42 Kestrel No. 2 Cavern Nullarbor Plain
6N-43 Parritappa Doline Nullarbor Plain
6N-44 Kutowalla Doline Nullarbor Plain
6N-45 Winbirra Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-46 Nurina Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-47 Murra-El-Elevyn Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-48 Cocklebiddy Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-49 Pannikin Plain Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-50 Capstan Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-51 Gecko Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-53 Moonera Tank Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-55 Haig Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-56 Tommy Grahams Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-57 Beerbox Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-58 Roaches Rest Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-59 Horseshoe Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-60 Lynch Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-62 Madura Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-63 Thylacine Hole Nullarbor Plain
6N-68 Madura Pass Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-70 Firestick Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-71 Fairy Martin Doline Nullarbor Plain
6N-73 Camp One Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-74 Twelfth Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-81 Arubiddy Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-82 Skink Hole Nullarbor Plain
6N-83 Old Homestead Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-84 Decoration Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-132 Webb's Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-133 Snake Pit Nullarbor Plain
6N-157 Twin Level Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-159 Telegraph Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-160 Dingo Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-164 Caiguna Rockhole Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-165 Kelly Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-166 Squeeze Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-167 Cairn Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-168 Bottle Pot Nullarbor Plain
6N-169 Double Blowhole (East) Nullarbor Plain
6N-170 Double Blowhole (West) Nullarbor Plain
6N-191 Offset Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-192 Native Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-193 Witches Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-194 Philistine Flattener Nullarbor Plain
6N-196 Rest Area Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-198 Station Track Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-200 Petrogale Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-202 Baxter West Blowhole No. 1 Nullarbor Plain
6N-203 Baxter West Blowhole No. 2 Nullarbor Plain
6N-204 Baxter West Blowhole No. 3 Nullarbor Plain
6N-206 Thampanna Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-218 Random Camp Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6N-220 Dead Horse Cave Nullarbor Plain
6N-221 Mallee Blowhole Nullarbor Plain
6S-1 Christmas Island Guano Cave No. 1 South Coast
6S-2 Christmas Island Guano Cave No. 2 South Coast
6S-3 Christmas Island Guano Cave No. 3 South Coast
6S-4 Duke of Orleans Bay Cave South Coast
6S-5 Frenchmans Peak Tunnel South Coast
6S-6 Point Hood Blowhole South Coast
6S-7 Mount Le Grande Cave No. 1 South Coast
6S-8 Mount Le Grande Cave No. 2 South Coast
6S-9 Mount Le Grande Cave No. 3 South Coast
6S-12 Dempsters Head Cave South Coast
6S-16 Windy Harbour Cave South Coast
6S-17 Inland Cliffs Cave South Coast
6S-18 Malimup Spring Cave South Coast
6S-23 Cape Beaufort Cave South Coast
6S-24 Chudelupe Cave South Coast
6SH-1 Super Cave South Hill River
6SH-2 Weston Cave South Hill River
6SH-4 Reptation Cave South Hill River
6SH-7 Thousand Man Cave South Hill River
6SH-9 Pretty Cave South Hill River
6SH-10 Nambang Cave South Hill River
6SH-11 Army Cave South Hill River
6SH-12 Quandong Cave South Hill River
6SH-13 Green Island Cave South Hill River
6SH-14 Wedges Cave South Hill River
6SH-15 Taranakite Cave South Hill River
6SH-17 Brown Bone Cave South Hill River
6SH-18 Cadda Cave South Hill River
6SH-20 Tick Cave South Hill River
6SH-21 Woolka Woolka Well Cave South Hill River
6SH-23 Princes Cave South Hill River
6SH-25 Scoop Spring South Hill River
6SH-29 Ranger Cave South Hill River
6SH-30 Nambung Spring South Hill River
6SH-31 Lake Thetis South Hill River
6SH-35 Verandah Post Cave South Hill River
6SH-38 Pulchella Cave South Hill River
6SH-40 Kinenabbra Cave South Hill River
6SH-42 Strathmore Cave South Hill River
6SH-45 Scallop Cave South Hill River
6SH-50 Horse Cave South Hill River
6SH-51 Echidna Cave South Hill River
6WI-2 Green Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-5 Midgie Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-6 Goanna Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-7 Skittle Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-9 Kudjal Yolgah Witchcliffe
6WI-13 Golgotha Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-15 Kens Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-17 Mordang Dar Witchcliffe
6WI-21 Giants Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-22 Giants Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-23 Kangaroo Pot Witchcliffe
6WI-24 Bride Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-26 Crustacea Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-30 Lake Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-31 Museum Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-33 Tunnel Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-37 Orchid Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-38 Mammoth Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-42 Terry Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-43 Terry Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-44 Conference Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-47 Terry Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-48 Connelly Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-49 Calgardup Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-51 Rudducks Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-53 Zamia Nut Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-54 Breakneck Gully Witchcliffe
6WI-56 Arumvale Pipe Witchcliffe
6WI-57 Arumvale Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-58 Blue Rock Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-59 Mill Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-60 Nannup Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-61 Devil's Lair Witchcliffe
6WI-62 Crystal Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-63 Strongs Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-64 Soil Chute Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-67 Acoustic Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-71 Dingo Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-82 Bobs Hollow Resurgence Witchcliffe
6WI-87 Swamp Inflow Witchcliffe
6WI-93 Arnor Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-97 Tunnel Cave Witchcliffe
6WI-101 Tight Entrance Cave Witchcliffe
6YA-1 Ngilgi Cave (formerly Yallingup Cave) Yallingup
6YA-2 Northcote Grotto Yallingup
6YA-3 Seven Sisters Cave Yallingup
6YA-10 Karri Cave Yallingup
6YA-12 Terrible Cave Yallingup
6YA-13 Warrigal Cave Yallingup
6YA-27 Ketalack Cave Yallingup
6YA-39 Beam Pot Yallingup
6YA-40 Barbilla Cave Yallingup
6YA-49 Injidup Doline & Shaft 1 Yallingup
6YA-50 Injidup Doline 2 Yallingup
6YA-51 Lost Pearl Cave Yallingup
6YN-1 Crystal Cave Yanchep
6YN-2 Yonderup Cave Yanchep
6YN-3 Spider Cave (Western Australia) Yanchep
6YN-4 Kangaroo Cave Yanchep
6YN-5 Silver Stocking Cabaret Cave Yanchep
6YN-6 Boomerang Gorge Cave No. 1 Yanchep
6YN-7 Boomerang Gorge Cave No. 2 Yanchep
6YN-8 Road Cave Yanchep
6YN-9 Cauliflower Cave Yanchep
6YN-11 Water Cave Yanchep
6YN-12 Mambibby Cave Yanchep
6YN-13 Loch Overflow Cave Yanchep
6YN-14 White Grotto Yanchep
6YN-16 Yanchep Cave Yanchep
6YN-19 Pop Hole Cave Yanchep
6YN-20 Surprise Cave Yanchep
6YN-21 Marble Terrace Cave Yanchep
6YN-22 Rose Cave Yanchep
6YN-24 Wilgarup Cave Yanchep
6YN-26 Census Cave Yanchep
6YN-28 Minnies Grotto Yanchep
6YN-32 Ornamental Lake Spring Yanchep
6YN-39 Bluff Cave Yanchep
6YN-42 Loch McNess Power Station Spring Yanchep
6YN-51 Bettong Cave Yanchep
6YN-52 Thylacine Cave Yanchep
6YN-53 Sarcophilus Cave Yanchep
6YN-67 Dead Cow Cave Yanchep
6YN-69 Flynn's Cave Yanchep
6YN-92 Zenal's Cave Yanchep
6YN-94 Invasion Cave Yanchep
6YN-100 Kiln Spring Yanchep
6YN-102 Quinns Rocks Spring Yanchep
6YN-108 Wilgarup Collapse Yanchep
6YN-115 Tuart Cleft Yanchep
6YN-116 Cat Skull Cave Yanchep
6YN-118 Koala Cave Yanchep
6YN-125 Dibbler Cave Yanchep
6YN-126 Melaleuca Cave Yanchep
6YN-130 Orchestra Shell Cave Yanchep
6YN-140 Gibb Cave Yanchep


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