List of caves in Belize

A shroud of darkness cloaks the innate beauty of caves.A cave is a natural opening in the ground stretching beyond the zone of light and large enough to permit the entry of a man. Some are found in cliffs at the edge of the coastline, chiseled away by the relentless pounding of waves and also by a variety of geological processes. Caves range from the size of a single small room to interlinked passages, miles long.

Below shows a list of some caves in Belize with known depths and lengths.


Cave Depth
Actun A 7,000
Actun Box Ch'iich' 183
Actun Check 4,500
Actun Lubul Ha 3,750
Actun Nab Nohol inferior 4,500
Actun Tun Kul 160 18,000
Great Blue Hole 124
Caves Branch Cave
Hitch Tulz 3,000
Petroglyph Cave 3,000
St Herman's Cave 3,800

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