List of Presidents of Molise

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The following is a complete list of Presidents of Molise. Molise (pronounced [moˈliːze]) (Molisano: Mulise) is a region of Southern Italy established in 1970. Prior to then, it was part of the region of Abruzzi e Molise

Prior to the 1995 election, the president was not directly elected, and was routinely a member of the Christian Democracy party (DC), the party which had dominated elections for the Regional Council of Molise (Italian: Consiglio Regionale del Molise) and across Italy since the establishment of the Italian Republic as of the 1946 election.

President Party Period
I Legislature
Carlo Vitale DC 1970–1973
Giustino D'Uva DC 1972–1975
II Legislature
Florindo D'Aimmo DC 1975–1980
III Legislature
Florindo D'Aimmo DC 1980–1982
Giustino D'Uva DC 1982–1984
Ulderico Adolfo Colagiovanni DC 1984–1985
IV Legislature
Paolo Nuvoli DC 1985–1988
Fernando Di Laura Frattura DC 1988–1990
V Legislature
Enrico Santoro DC 1990–1992
Luigi Di Bartolomeo DC 1992–1994
Giovanni Di Giandomenico DC 1994–1995
VI Legislature
Marcello Veneziale PDS 1995–1998
Angelo Michele Iorio UDR 1998–1999
Marcello Veneziale DS 1999–2000
VII Legislature
Giovanni Di Stasi L'Ulivo 2000–2001
VIII Legislature
Angelo Michele Iorio FI 2001–2006
IX Legislature
Angelo Michele Iorio FI 2006–2011
X Legislature
Angelo Michele Iorio PdL 2011–2013
VXI Legislature
Paolo di Laura Frattura PD 2013–present

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