List of Presidents of Piedmont

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This is the list of Presidents of Piedmont since 1970.

Presidents of Piedmont
President Party Term Legislature
Edoardo Calleri di Sala DC 1970–1973 I Legislature
Gianni Oberto Tarena DC 1974–1975
Aldo Viglione PSI 1975–1980 II Legislature
Enzo Enrietti PSI 1980–1983 III Legislature
Aldo Viglione PSI 1983–1985
Vittorio Beltrami DC 1985–1990 IV Legislature
Gian Paolo Brizio DC/PPI 1990–1995 V Legislature
Enzo Ghigo FI 1995–2000 VI Legislature
Enzo Ghigo FI 2000–2005 VII Legislature
Mercedes Bresso DS/PD 2005–2010 VIII Legislature
Roberto Cota LNP 2010–2014 IX Legislature
Sergio Chiamparino PD 2014–present X Legislature
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